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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Spine Center
Spine Non-surgical Treatment Clinic
Vertebroplasty is a treatment method that restores the height of the spine by injecting bone cement harmless to humans.
Vertebroplasty is performed on patients with osteoporosis and compression fractures.
As opposed to incisions, vertebroplasty restores the height of the spine by injecting bone cement harmless to humans and needles into the area where compression fracture occurs through C-ARM. It gets rid of instability of the spine and reduces pains while the bone cement increases the height of the spine as it hardens inside the vertebrae within a couple of minutes.
ㆍWithout general anesthesia, as bone cement is injected, no scars are left and hospitalization is of short
ㆍThe surgery can be operated on patients who are phobic to surgeries and elderly patients.
ㆍThe height of the spine is restored through injection of bone cement in the spine.
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍEvery patient suffering from compression fracture
ㆍPatients suffering from compression pressure due to osteoporosis after menopause and aging.
ㆍIn the case of compression fracture or multiple myelosis due to an abrupt external injury
ㆍApplicable to elderly patients with a high risk of side effects when general anesthesia is undergone.
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