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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Spine Center
Spine Non-surgical Treatment Clinic
Nerve Blockage Surgery
The surgery put a halt to nerve functions by physically pressing and freezing or applying heat or injecting medicine.
Nerve Blockage Surgery
Nerve blockage surgery, a representative non-surgical method, is quite effective in making a diagnosis and at the same time providing proper treatment.
It soothes inflammation and endema with the work of medication injected into the nerve and its surrounding area which cause symptoms, ultimately making blood circulation smooth.
ㆍPain-relieving effects through a 10-minute-long simple procedure (injection)
ㆍSafe surgical procedures are guaranteed for elderly patients and those with hypertension, heart diseases
   and diabetes.
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍLumbar disc
ㆍCervical disk
ㆍExtreme back pain
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