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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Spine Center
Spine Non-surgical Treatment Clinic
Neuroplasty (PEN)
Since neuroplasty is carried out after local anesthesia is undergone, resuming normal activity is possible right after surgery.
Neuroplasty (PEN)
Neuroplasty, also known as epidural synechotomy is a method to get rid of inflammation and endema that produce pains by locating a 2mm special catheter near the nerve through needles. Moreover, with the injection of an agent to prevent adhesion, neural canals are widened and therefore medication can spread surrounding areas of the nerves.
ㆍResuming normal activity is possible after relaxing 1-2 hours after surgery
ㆍThrough a 2mm catheter, the source of pain is directly removed without any damage to normal tissues.
ㆍAs the surgery is conducted after local anesthesia is undergone, there is no need to go through general
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍPatients suffering chronic back pain
ㆍSpinal Canal Stenosis
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