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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Spine Center
Spine Non-surgical Treatment Clinic
Epidural Endoscope Last Surgery
Epidural endoscope laser surgery accurately treats every issue that can occur in the spine.
Epidural Endoscope Last Surgery
An endoscope is inserted through the tailbone after local anesthesia is undergone.
Through that, epidural endoscope laser surgery can have a full view of the areas in the vicinity of the spine and confirm the lesions which are invisible through MRI. With the help of a laser, the size of the disc can be effectively reduced while adhesion can be removed.
ㆍPossible to confirm results of operation through insertion of endoscope
ㆍAccurate diagnosis and doctor’s opinion is possible
ㆍEffective in relieving pain caused by nerve adhesion
ㆍOk to leave the clinic right after surgical procedures
ㆍEffective treatment is possible since the area in which the infection is removed can be expanded.
ㆍPossible to get rid of adhesion around nerve roots where treatment is not easy to be done.
ㆍReduction of disc or ligament and the sources of pain are possible.
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍLumbar disc
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