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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Spine Center
Spinal Surgery Clinic
Microscope Disc Surgery
Microscope disc surgery selectively eliminates affected discs by minimizing skin incision.
Microscope Disc Surgery
Microscope disc surgery is widely carried out on patients who need lumbar disc surgery.
It selectively eliminates an affected disc by minimizing skin incision. With the help of a microscope which expands surgical sites up to 10-15 times and pieces of laser equipment, microscope disc surgery is widely recognized as the excellent surgery with high level of safety.
ㆍSafe as local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia.
ㆍNo scarring and hemorrhaging by minimizing incision
ㆍA low risk of damages to normal tissues and nearly painless after surgery
ㆍSafely operate on elderly patients as it takes around 1-2 hours
ㆍShortly resuming normal activity due to a short period of time staying in the hospital
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍIn case that spinal canal stenosis and disk rupture are severe
ㆍIn case that non-surgical treatment and conservative approaches yield no effects
ㆍComplex disc accompanying spondylarthritis and spinal stenosis
ㆍIncurable or recurrent disc patients
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