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Stem cell treatment
Stem cell treatment is a method of renewal by directly transplanting a patient’s bone marrow stem cell into the cartilage loss area through arthroscopy.
Stem cell treatment
Restoration of the cartilage through stem cell treatment started in earnest after safety and effectiveness of autologous bone marrow transplantation were proven in the final deliberations carried out by the New Medical Technology Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Treatment scope
In case the size of the cartilage injury does not exceed 2 cm² (max 10 cm²), renewal of cartilage tissues is shown. The stem cell treatment can cure a wider range of cartilage injury compared to the existing cartilage renewal treatment in which the size of 1 ~ 4cm² cartilage can be treated.
Treatment methods
ㆍExtract the bone marrow from a hipbone.
ㆍWith the use of a centrifuge and pieces of special equipment, concentrate on the bone marrow stem cell.
ㆍTransplant the stem cell into a cartilage injury.
ㆍIf necessary, extract abdominal fat for injection.
ㆍSince it is an autologous marrow transplantation, a chance of rejection is all but non-existent.
ㆍSuccess rate for cartilage restoration: 70-80%
ㆍDegree of conglutination with surrounding cartilage: 76-80%
ㆍRisk of genetic mutation and infection is all but non-existent since the stem cell is not cultivated.
ㆍRelatively short time (30-60 minutes) required for the procedure
ㆍEasily return to daily life without difficulty since long-stays in the hospital or rehabilitation treatment
   is not required.
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍArticular cartilage defect (age group of 15-50, patients with cartilage injury sizing from 10~20 cm)
ㆍInjury sustained from sports activities
ㆍLigament damage
ㆍRotator cuff damage
ㆍTennis elbow
ㆍOsteogenesis concrescence
ㆍDelayed union
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