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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Joint Center
Non-surgical Joint Clinic
Injection treatment
Injection treatment enhances damaged tissues with injection of medicine which induces cell proliferation in the damaged areas.
Injection treatment
ProloTherapy is an injection therapy that supports natural healing of the damaged tissues by injecting a number of stimulants into the ligament, tendon and joints. Incomplete treatments after all sorts of injuries lead to weakening of the surrounding areas of ligament, cartilage and bones. ProloTherapy enhances the damaged tissues by injecting medicine that facilitates cell proliferation. Since most chronic musculoskeletal pain occurs when ligaments in the vicinity of bones and joints get weakened, ProloTherapy is one of the treatments that cures the chronic diseases to the core.
Treatment method
ProloTherapy facilitates renewal of damaged tissues with injection of 12.5-25% mixed dextrose into tissues around bones and joints. Pains are gradually relived thanks to reinforcement of joints and tissues around them. As opposed to the existing joint injections that reduce an infection or relieve pain during a short period of time, the method reduces pain through enhancement of the surrounding tissues.
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍDegenerative arthritis (hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint) and articular neuralgia
ㆍChronic backache and sciatic neuralgia
ㆍShoulder pain (frozen shoulder) and symptoms related to shoulder pain
ㆍMuscles myofascial pain syndrome
ㆍLigament injury (ankle, knee, elbow damage)
ㆍPlantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis
Treatment period
In general, 5-10 treatments are conducted per week and the number of injections and amount vary in accordance with a patient’s symptom and developments during the period of clinical tests.
Side effects
Any visible side effects are not reported as the method induces renewal of tissues by injecting a safe mixed dextrose into the body as opposed to other joint injections. In the process of renewal of damages tissues, however, after procedures, slight pain can be caused but it disappears a few days later.
ㆍIn case that pain or stiffness occurs, use a cold pack and take Tylenol.
ㆍRefrain from excessive workout, drinking and smoking at least for 3 days after the procedure.
ㆍAvoid sauna and Korean dry sauna, but taking a quick shower on the day the procedure takes place is
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