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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is the latest safe non-surgical method recommended to patients suffering from chronic muscular skeletal diseases.
A shockwave refers to a powerful wavelength similar to a strong wave created by an underwater explosion that kills a school of fish or a bang sound produced when an airplane enters the atmosphere at the speed of Mach.
With high energy and low energy combined, extracorporeal shockwave therapy is the latest non-surgical and safe method recommended to those who suffer from chronic muscular skeletal diseases yet have failed to enjoy satisfactory results through the existing physical therapy, medication and injections.
Curative value
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is an effective treatment which can relieve pain and improve functions by giving lesions extracorporeal shocks which results in revitalizing and stimulating the tissues around tendons and helping reformation of blood vessels.
Approximately 80% of the patients who had experienced extracorporeal shockwave therapy showed to be devoid of pains or significant decrease in feeling pain.
Treatment method
After the doctor’s diagnosis, 1,000-2,000 rounds of shockwaves are given to the lesions with the use of X-ray or ultrasonography. The treatment is carried out 4-6 times per week and it takes about 10 minutes for each treatment. (The time and duration can vary in accordance with a patient’s condition and location of lesions.)
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is widely used in a number of countries including the U.S. and Europe to treat chronic diseases. In addition, it is proven to be a safe therapy as the method is used to cure athletes during the periods when the Olympic games are held.
ㆍNo hospitalization
ㆍNo incision
ㆍChances of complications can be significantly reduced as an anesthetic is not administered.
ㆍReturn to daily life within a short span of time due to a shortened time for treatment
ㆍVirtually free of side effects
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍShoulder pain (frozen shoulder)
ㆍElbow pain (golfㆍtennis elbow)
ㆍWrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome)
ㆍBackache, sacrodynia (spinal stenosis, failed back surgery syndrome)
ㆍGonalgia (degenerative arthritis)
ㆍPedionalgia (plantar fasciitis)
ㆍFibrous myofascial pain syndrome
* After consulting a specialist, patients can receive treatments in various parts of the body.
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