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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
Joint Center
Joint Surgery Clinic
Proximal Tibia Osteotomy Clinic
Proximal tibia osteotomy corrects angular deformity by performing osteotomy.
Proximal Tibia Osteotomy Clinic
Proximal tibia osteotomy is a surgery to reduce pains by dispersing the load of weight concentrated inside the knee joint with arthritis through osteotomy for patients whose legs are deformed in the shape of 0 due to degenerative arthritis.
The surgery can be conducted on young patients suffering from a severe case of varus.
ㆍAccurate diagnosis (the latest MRI and 15-year clinical experience)
- In case of family history
- Bowlegs due to issues with the nerve and muscular system
- Ethnic tributes (features of Korean people adept at horseback riding)
ㆍAcquired factors (mostly fell under the category)
- Insufficient work out, sedentary lifestyle
- Improper walking habit for an individual who used to be carried on the back of adults when young.
- A habit of frequently wearing high-heels
- Scoliosis or twisted pelvis
- For females, twisted hip joint caused by improper postnatal care
- Incorrect posture
Examination guidance
To accurately diagnose the symptom, angular deformity and alignment are observed through a pelvic limb X-ray taken when a patient is instructed to stand upright with the same weight being rested on each foot.
Treatment methods
- Proximal tibia osteotomy is conducted to reduce pains by dispersing the weight concentrated inside the knee joint to the exterior with a metal plate and screws designed to the tibia osteotomy helping to maintain the equipment at a fixed angle.
- It takes approximately 1 hour for the surgery and right after that, exercise to enhance the muscle and recover the range of joint motion starts. The patient’s progress after surgery is observed for the next 3-6 weeks and after 3 months of surgery, return to daily life is made possible.
Curative value
ㆍConservative treatment for the joint without artificial joint operation
ㆍSports activities used to be done before surgery was possible.
ㆍIn case of conservative treatment for the joint of people under 60
ㆍAngular deformity is aligned into a straight line.
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