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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
HighTechnology Therapy Center
A safe treatment best tailored to the body by conducting a series of clinical researches on real patients
SCENAR (Self Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator) successfully developed medical appliances which can be used in a special environment for astronauts participated in space development projects conducted in Russia in the late 1970s. In 1986, with the permission from the Ministry of Health of the Russian federation, the appliances were used in Russia’s hospitals. A number of dissertations with respect to the effects were published and the Lenin Prize equivalent to the Nobel Prize in the western world was awarded.
Contrary to America’s modern medicine centered on medication and surgeries, Russia’s medicine approaches the human body with an integrated concept in consideration of traditional medicine. It is a safe treatment tailored to the human body with a number of clinical tests being conducted on real patients.
The equipment helps maintain homeostasis by adapting to both the internal and external environment of the human body with the work of the nervous system by electric energy automatically adjusted through computer programing. Contrary to the existing electric therapeutic instruments in which one-sided electrostimulation is applied, it is equipment of a new concept which gives a changed stimulus in accordance with responses after the value is read upon stimulation.
ㆍEvery structure of the skin is stimulated by applying the equipment to the skin surface
ㆍSkin is generated from ectoderms similar to the nervous system/intestines are treated by stimulating the
   reflexed area of the skin
ㆍWork following the meridian system or nervous system
ㆍRelease a chain of peptides which adjust healing
ㆍHelps recover homeostasis
ㆍRemove repetitive patterns of the central nervous system
ㆍDirectly react to local spinal reflex
Curative value
ㆍPain relieving effects
ㆍTreat acute and chronic inflammation
ㆍSelf-recovery of the body through enhancement of homeostasis of damaged organs
ㆍAvailable to treat inflammation and pains of a variety of organs in addition to the musculoskeletal
   organ/a safe treatment even for young children
ㆍTreatment is made through self-recovery abilities without stimulants or an invasive surgical procedure.
ㆍNot available for patients with an artificial cardiac peacemaker
ㆍNot available for patients with heart fibrillation
ㆍNot available for patients with toxic syndrome
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