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HighTechnology Therapy Center
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Photoproton Treatment
Photoproton treatment is effective in preventing all sorts of adult diseases as well as enhancing the immune system and improving blood circulation.
Photoproton Treatment
Photoproton treatment purifies blood by separating body wastes from the surfaces of red/white blood cells after injecting oxygen into the contaminated blood of 50-80cc drawn from a patient and looking into UV-C rays of 253.7mm at a consistent pace.
The purified blood is once again injected into the body to improve blood circulation, enhance the immune system as well as prevent all sorts of adult diseases.
The effects of UV rays were first discovered in the end of the 19th century. Niels Ryberg Finsen from Denmark received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, credited for his outstanding achievement in UV ray treatment. It translated into development of blood therapy using UV rays for “external circulation blood therapy” in the 1920s. UV rays received FDA approval and have been widely used for about 70 years.
Curative value
Improvement of blood circulation, reduction of blood pressure, enhancement of the immune system, detox, supplementary effects for cancer treatment, improvement of chronic fatigue, pain relief, facilitation of healing wounds, increase in sexual and liver function, improvement of chronic atopic dermatitis, prevention of arteriosclerosis and reduction of fat.
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