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Sarang-Plus Hospital Introduction  Medical Check-up
HighTechnology Therapy Center
Intergrative Medicine Clinic
Hair Mineral Examination
Hair mineral examination aims to promote health and prevent diseases through prescription of nutrients.
Hair mineral examination measures interactions between heavy-metal contamination and mineral after scientifically analyzing the amount of mineral accumulated in the hair.
Based on the results, nutritional supplements from the clinical nutrition view are prescribed to promote health and prevent diseases.
Hair mineral examination is a scientific method that prevents diseases and examines health by analyzing nutritive conditions and heavy metal contamination in the body through analysis of shape and amount of microelements accumulated in the hair. In addition, the purpose is to prevent and treat diseases by recommending the mineral and diet best suited to each patient.
ㆍAll sorts of diseases caused by dysbolism, diseases and hormone changes due to deficiency or abundance
   of minerals in the body
ㆍDiagnosis of harmful heavy metals and all sorts of diseases including headache, chronic fatigue and
ㆍPresent ways to improve dietary life, nutrition information and diet/nutrients best suited to each individual
ㆍPrescription, prognosis and continuous monitoring of the body
Symptoms subject to application
ㆍHeavy drinkers and smokers who suffer from stress
ㆍThose who feel chronic fatigue and want to learn about their health condition
ㆍThose with an irregular eating habit, and/or unable to exercise more than 1 hour three times a week
ㆍThose who feel that something is wrong about them, but failed to get an answer in the hospital
ㆍThose who have interest in health and want to prevent diseases
ㆍThose over 30 years of age
ㆍThose with a number of gold teeth from dental treatment
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